About US

Brain Chamber Automation has provided Manufacturing Automation solutions to a wide range of customers.

Brain Chamber Automation Pvt.Ltd is established in 2010. Originating from a strong competent engineering background with an emphasis on electronic control systems, the basis of every modern, automated packaging system.

The company has kept abreast of developments in the electronics industry and now utilises state of the art control techniques available from programmable controllers. remove that family business.

Uday Ghatge, CEO, Brain Chamber Automation

“The ever changing world that we live in and the pace at which this world operates at puts demands on every business from cost pressures to enhanced production and increased efficiencies. The solutions offered by the Brain Chamber Automation Group of Companies yield a defined Return On Investment and the Sales Team are constantly working with clients to ensure that they remain competitive and lean in these challenging times. Whether you are looking for a stand alone ma-chine or a fully automated and integrated system you should consider discussing your application with the experts in Brain Chamber Automation ptv. Ltd. the people with the experience.”

VTL-Machine POKA YOKA- input hydraulic check, Tool breakage detection machine
Ring Gear Teeth Counting Machine, Conveyor Systems
Flow Wrapping Machines,